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Finishing touches on Skin Colors



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      Finishing touches on Skin Colors, some info here (and more later here in JIRA): https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIVOT-579
      See if even the final part of this (not implemented) could be useful: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIVOT-245

      And there was another discussion (I have to find where, in nabble) is change some color index usage to have better visual appearance (of course retrofitting existing behavior when/if possible).

      Note that probably after these little changes, custom color json files should be a little updated.

      And a little thing on this:
      now only Tooltips doesn't use a palette color (they use an hard-coded color) ... what do you think to make them use the yellow-ish color at
      palette index 19 (or one of is variants, the 18 or 20) ? And use a similar (yellow-ish but a different color index, if possible) color on warnings.

      I could adapt a little that color in all Pivot palettes to look similar to what should be ... tell me.
      For example, someone remember the background color in Swing Tooltips (ok not the best in graphic design and colors ), but with this little change we could also have this little feature, where in most palettes will be yellow-ish, but where needed could be different.

      Added some documentation in the Terra package JavaDoc file on color palette usage in the Terra Skin, to help anyone wants to write their custom colors, and then removed, probably the best place for this is in a Tutorial.

      Last, in ColorSchemeBuilder (and maybe even in the Kitchen Sink), add some Tooltips to see how they happen, but see where they makes sense.
      And maybe in ColorSchemeBuilder move some elements in the Tab2 or Tab3, grouping them by similar components (some componets should be added there).


        1. ColorSchemeBuilder - dark.launch
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        2. ComponentExplorer - dark.launch
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        3. KitchenSink - Dark.launch
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