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Map key type not correctly set (for use when key is null) when map plan does not have localrearrange



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 0.2.0
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      KeyTypeDiscoveryVisitor visits the map plan to figure out the datatype of the map key. This is required so that when the map key is null, we can still construct a valid NullableXXXWritable object to pass on to hadoop in the collect() call (hadoop needs a valid object even for null objects). Currently the KeyTypeDiscoveryVisitor only looks at POPackage and POLocalRearrange to figure out the key type. In a pig script which results in multiple Map reduce jobs, one of the jobs could have a map plan with only POLoads in it. In such a case, the map key type is not discovered and this results in a null being returned from HDataType.getWritableComparableTypes() method. This in turn will result in a NullPointerException in the collect().

      Here is a script which can prompt this behavior:

      a = load 'a.txt' as (x:int, y:int, z:int);
      b = load 'b.txt' as (x:int, y:int);
      b_group = group b by x;
      b_sum = foreach b_group generate flatten(group) as x, SUM(b.y) as clicks;
      a_group = group a by (x, y);
      a_aggs = foreach a_group {
                      flatten(group) as (x, y),
                      SUM(a.z) as zs;
      join_a_b = join b_sum by x, a_aggs by x; --> the map plan for this join will only have two POLoads which will result in the NullPointerException at runtime in collect()
      dump join_a_b;

      Contents of a.txt (columns are tab separated):
      The first column of the first two rows is null (represented by an empty column)

              7       8
              8       9
      1       20      30
      1       20      40

      Contents of b.txt (columns are tab separated):

      7       2
      1       5
      1       10


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