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      1) Need a new setting pig.bloomjoin.nocombiner to turn off combiner for bloom join. When the keys are all unique, the combiner is unnecessary overhead.
      2) Mention in documentation that bloom join is also ideal in cases of right outer join with smaller dataset on the right. Replicate join only supports left outer join.
      3) Write own bloom implementation for Murmur3 and Murmur3 with Kirsch & Mitzenmacher optimization which Cassandra uses ( Currently we use Hadoop's bloomfilter implementation which only has Jenkins and Murmur2. Murmur3 is faster and offers better distribution.

      4) Move from BitSet to RoaringBitMap for

      • Speed and better compression
      • Scale
        Currently bloom join does not scale for billions of keys. Really need large bloom filters in those cases and cost of broadcasting those is greater than actual data size. For eg: Join of 32B records (4TB of data) with 4 billion records with keys being mostly unique. Lets say we construct 61 partitioned bloom filters of 3MB each (still not good enough bit vector size for the amount of keys) it is close to 200MB. If we broadcast 200MB to 30K tasks it becomes 6TB which is higher than the actual data size. In practice broadcast would only download once per node. Even considering that in a 6K nodes cluster the amount of data transfer would be around 1.2TB. Using RoaringBitMap should make a big difference in this case.


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