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Organize the Pig properties file and document all properties



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    • Default conf/pig.properties file has been organized, and all properties are documented


      The current pig.properties file can use some love. Each property should be introduced by a documentation string explaining

      • what the feature does,
      • what its default and other allowed values are,
      • why a user might change it from the default,
      • and what might go wrong with each.

      The documentation should follow a common format – I propose the following guidelines:

      • Each property should supply either a bulleted list of acceptable values, indicating the default; or provide the default value inline with the description
      • Don't say 'This setting lets you control whether Pig will decide to use the Hemiconducer feature', say 'Enables the hemiconducer feature, which [...]'
      • Don't document the internals of the feature. Describe its impact on job execution or performance.
      • Use consistent indentation, title formatting, and block delimiting. (The current patch does not yet do so completely, as I'm figuring it out)
      • Place each setting in the appropriate block according to its impact on the user experience.
      • Call out Experimental features with `EXPERIMENTAL`, but group them with similar settings.
      • If a setting is dangerous, call that out with `WARNING`
      • If one value is always appropriate for casual use, or always appropriate for production use, we should call that out. Production use should assume a moderately loaded single rack hadoop cluster according to the major distro's reference configuration – people running massive-scale installations don't need this file's advice.

      I've attached a patch that organizes the current properties file and documents everything I felt confident describing. This is a preliminary patch, as I'll need some help documenting many of the currently un-documented ones. Please review what I've written carefully; I have reasonable experience programming Pig but limited familiarity with the experimental features.




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