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Create a SchemaTuple which generates efficient Tuples via code gen


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      This work builds on Dmitriy's PrimitiveTuple work. The idea is that, knowing the Schema on the frontend, we can code generate Tuples which can be used for fun and profit. In rudimentary tests, the memory efficiency is 2-4x better, and it's ~15% smaller serialized (heavily heavily depends on the data, though). Need to do get/set tests, but assuming that it's on par (or even faster) than Tuple, the memory gain is huge.

      Need to clean up the code and add tests.

      Right now, it generates a SchemaTuple for every inputSchema and outputSchema given to UDF's. The next step is to make a SchemaBag, where I think the serialization savings will be really huge.

      1. PIG-2632-0.patch
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