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Add load/store function AvroStorage for avro data



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      We want to use Pig to process arbitrary Avro data and store results as Avro files. AvroStorage() extends two PigFuncs: LoadFunc and StoreFunc.

      Due to discrepancies of Avro and Pig data models, AvroStorage has:
      1. Limited support for "record": we do not support recursively defined record because the number of fields in such records is data dependent.
      2. Limited support for "union": we only accept nullable union like ["null", "some-type"].

      For simplicity, we also make the following assumptions:
      If the input directory is a leaf directory, then we assume Avro data files in it have the same schema;
      If the input directory contains sub-directories, then we assume Avro data files in all sub-directories have the same schema.

      AvroStorage takes no input parameters when used as a LoadFunc (except for "debug [debug-level]").
      Users can provide parameters to AvroStorage when used as a StoreFunc. If they don't, Avro schema of output data is derived from its
      Pig schema.

      Detailed documentation can be found in http://linkedin.jira.com/wiki/display/HTOOLS/AvroStorage+-+Pig+support+for+Avro+data


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