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PigUnit - Pig script testing simplified.



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      The goal is to provide a simple xUnit framework that enables our Pig scripts to be easily:

      • unit tested
      • regression tested
      • quickly prototyped

      No cluster set up is required.

      For example:


        public void testTop3Queries() {
          String[] args = {
          test = new PigTest("top_queries.pig", args);
          String[] input = {
          String[] output = {
          test.assertOutput("data", input, "queries_limit", output);


      data =
          LOAD '$input'
          AS (query:CHARARRAY, count:INT);
      queries_sum = 
          FOREACH queries_group 
              group AS query, 
              SUM(queries.count) AS count;
      queries_limit = LIMIT queries_ordered $n;
      STORE queries_limit INTO '$output';

      They are 3 modes:

      • LOCAL (if "pigunit.exectype.local" properties is present)
      • MAPREDUCE (use the cluster specified in the classpath, same as HADOOP_CONF_DIR)
        • automatic mini cluster (is the default and the HADOOP_CONF_DIR to have in the class path will be: ~/pigtest/conf)
        • pointing to an existing cluster (if "pigunit.exectype.cluster" properties is present)

      For now, it would be nice to see how this idea could be integrated in Piggybank and if PigParser/PigServer could improve their interfaces in order to make PigUnit simple.

      Other components based on PigUnit could be built later:

      • standalone MiniCluster
      • notion of workspaces for each test
      • standalone utility that reads test configuration and generates a test report...

      It is a first prototype, open to suggestions and can definitely take advantage of feedbacks.

      How to test, in pig_trunk:

      Apply patch
      $pig_trunk ant compile-test
      $pig_trunk ant
      $pig_trunk/contrib/piggybank/java ant test -Dtest.timeout=999999

      (it takes 15 min in MAPREDUCE minicluster, tests will need to be split in the future between 'unit' and 'integration')

      Many examples are in:


      When used as a standalone, do not forget commons-lang-2.4.jar and the HADOOP_CONF_DIR to your cluster in your CLASSPATH.


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