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      This JIRA discusses issues relating to the configuration of Pig.

      Uses cases:

      1. I want to configure Pig programatically from Java
      Motivation: pig can be embedded from another Java program, and configuration should be accessible to be set by the client code
      2. I want to configure Pig from the command line
      3. I want to configure Pig from the Pig shell (Grunt)
      4. I want Pig to remember my configuration for every Pig session
      Motivation: to save me typing in some configuration stuff every time.
      5. I want Pig to remember my configuration for this script.
      Motivation: I must use a common configuration for 50% of my Pig scripts - can I share this configuration between scripts.

      Current Status:

      • Pig uses System properties for some configuration
      • A configuration properties object in PigContext is not used.
      • pigrc can contain properties
      • Configuration properties can not be set from Grunt

      Proposed solutions to use cases:
      1. Configuration should be set in PigContext, and accessible from client code.
      2. System properties are copied to PigContext, or can be specified on the command line (duplication with System properties)
      3. Allow configuration properties to be set using the "set" command in Grunt
      4. Pigrc can contain properties. Is this enough, or can other configuration stuff be set, eg aliases, imports, etc.
      5. Add an include directive to pig, to allow a shared configuration/Pig script to be included.

      Connections to Shell scripting:

      • The source command in Bash allows another bash script file to be included - this allows shared variables to be set in one file shared between a set of scripts.
      • Aliases can be set, according to user preferences, etc.
      • All this can be done in your .bashrc file


      • What happens when you change a property after the property has been read?
      • Can Grunt read a pigrc containing various statements etc before the PigServer is completely configured?


        1. TEST-org.apache.pig.test.TestStreaming.txt
          45 kB
          Alan Gates
        2. TEST-org.apache.pig.test.TestStreaming.txt
          41 kB
          Pi Song
        3. TEST-org.apache.pig.test.PigContextTest.txt
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          Alan Gates
        4. PIG-93-v02.patch
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        5. PIG-93-v01.patch
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        6. PIG-111-v06.patch
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        7. PIG-111-v05.patch
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        8. PIG-111-v04.patch
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        9. pig-111_v13.patch
          153 kB
          Pi Song
        10. PIG-111_v12.patch
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          Johannes Zillmann
        11. PIG-111_v_9_r641081.patch
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          Johannes Zillmann
        12. PIG-111_v_8_r633244M.patch
          96 kB
          Stefan Groschupf
        13. PIG-111_v_7_r633244M.patch
          94 kB
          Stefan Groschupf
        14. PIG-111_v_3_sg.patch
          83 kB
          Stefan Groschupf
        15. PIG-111_v_11.patch
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          Johannes Zillmann
        16. PIG_111_v10.patch
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          Pi Song
        17. config.patch.1502
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          Craig Macdonald
        18. before.png
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          Benjamin Francisoud
        19. after.png
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          Benjamin Francisoud

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