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Utility to identify git commit / Jira fixVersion discrepancies for RC preparation



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      As part of RC preparation,  we need to identify all git commits that landed on release branch, however their corresponding Jira is either not resolved yet or does not contain expected fixVersions. Only when we have git commits and corresponding Jiras with expected fixVersion resolved, we get all such Jiras included in auto-generated CHANGES.md as per Yetus changelog generator.

      Proposal of this Jira is to provide such script that can be useful for all upcoming RC preparations and list down all Jiras where we need manual intervention. This utility script should use Jira API to retrieve individual fields and use git log to loop through commit history.

      The script should identify these issues:

      1. commit is reverted as per commit message
      2. commit does not contain Jira number format PHOENIX-XXXX in message
      3. Jira does not have expected fixVersion
      4. Jira has expected fixVersion, but it is not yet resolved

      It can take inputs as:

      1. First commit hash to start excluding commits from history
      2. Fix Version
      3. JIRA Project Name
      4. Path of project's working dir
      5. Jira server url


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