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Certain PDF cannot be processed



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      For certain PDFs where we use PDFBox to open a PDF, scan for defined dummy QR codes on it, and then replace the dummy with a real QR code, we either get the above error, or the process does not terminate.

      A sample file TET_5_4xxx_GR_00_00_XX_14_F.pdf or TSA_5_BF2x_GR_-1_01_XX_09_F.pdf .
      They both lead to the above problem.

      Our own analysis so far is that it might be the same issue as mentionend in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69237146/pdfbox-renderimagewithdpi-hangs-sometimes


      For our company PMG Projektraum GmbH, Munich, Germany, this is an essential function. Currently users cannot download PDFs in most cases because of this: The download tries to add a QR code and never ends.

      It could be that the QR code on these PDFs causes issues because it is in a certain layer. We observed that in Adobe Reader we see a QR Code but with or own viewer it is invisible:

      This is TSA_5_4xxx_SH_XX_05_XX_03_F.pdf

      where we have the same issues

      Any idea, what this might be and how to solve it?


        1. TSA_5_BF2x_GR_-1_01_XX_09_F.pdf
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          Tobias Hugendubel
        2. TSA_5_4xxx_SH_XX_05_XX_03_F1.jpg
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          Maruan Sahyoun
        3. TSA_5_4xxx_SH_XX_05_XX_03_F.pdf
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          Tobias Hugendubel
        4. TET_5_4xxx_GR_00_00_XX_14_F.pdf
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          Tobias Hugendubel
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          Tobias Hugendubel
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          Tobias Hugendubel



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