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Sequences with combining letters are rendered incorrectly

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.21
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Rendering
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      Accented Letters composed of Unicode base letter and combining accent are rendered wrong. E.g. with 0041 030B LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH COMBINING DOUBLE ACUTE ACCENT the accent appears at the right hand side of the letter A, not above the letter A.

      The position is wrong for most of the sequences defined in the following spec:

      DIN SPEC 91379: Characters in Unicode for the electronic processing of names and data
      exchange in Europe; with digital attachment


      The correct rendering should look like the output of hb-view 2.6.8, see files DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences*.pdf.

      The output of PDFBox is appended in pdfbox.pdf, which is created by running TestPdfbox.java. The sequences are read from file DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences.txt.


      Font used for testing: NotoSansMono-Regular.ttf, see https://www.google.com/get/noto/ 

      download: https://noto-website-2.storage.googleapis.com/pkgs/NotoSansMono-hinted.zip

       See also FOP-2969



        1. DefaultScriptProcessor.java
          6 kB
          Volker Kunert
        2. DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences.txt
          10 kB
          Volker Kunert
        3. DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences-aa.pdf
          15 kB
          Volker Kunert
        4. DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences-ab.pdf
          16 kB
          Volker Kunert
        5. DIN_SPEC_91379_Sequences-ac.pdf
          18 kB
          Volker Kunert
        6. DoGlyphLayoutDinSpec91379.pdf
          215 kB
          Volker Kunert
        7. DoGlyphLayoutDinSpec91379Form.pdf
          230 kB
          Volker Kunert
        8. DoGlyphPositionBengali.pdf
          23 kB
          Volker Kunert
        9. ExamplePdfboxFopPos.java
          5 kB
          Volker Kunert
        10. ExamplePdfboxFopPos.pdf
          284 kB
          Volker Kunert
        11. ExamplePdfboxFopPos-By-Tilman.pdf
          239 kB
          Tilman Hausherr
        12. ExamplePdfboxFopPosForm.java
          4 kB
          Volker Kunert
        13. ExamplePdfboxFopPosForm.pdf
          310 kB
          Volker Kunert
        14. patch-2020-10-02.txt
          17 kB
          Volker Kunert
        15. pdfbox.patch
          403 kB
          Volker Kunert
        16. pdfbox.pdf
          17 kB
          Volker Kunert
        17. screenshot-1.png
          17 kB
          Tilman Hausherr
        18. TestPdfbox.java
          2 kB
          Volker Kunert
        19. TestPdfboxFop2.java
          8 kB
          Volker Kunert
        20. TestPdfboxFop2.pdf
          13 kB
          Volker Kunert
        21. TestPdfboxJava2D.java
          4 kB
          Volker Kunert
        22. TestPdfboxJava2D.pdf
          17 kB
          Volker Kunert



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