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Layer Utility - Text not being displayed when overlaying



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      I've had some problems with the layer utility when trying to overlay two PDFs. Normally it works fine, but I've encountered a type of PDF file on which it doesn't work properly.
      Text elements are not being displayed (it can be selected, but it looks to be transparent), but images are.
      I've stripped down my code to the bare minimum and produced a maven project with a command line and provided some examples for the base, the overlay and the output I get.
      I've attached all below.
      The usage for the command line is as follows:
      java -jar Overlayer-1.0.jar -basePdf base.pdf -overlayPdf overlay.pdf -outPdf out.pdf -layerName overlay

      If I try to overlay the other way around, i.e. use the overlay.pdf in the -basePdf parameter and the base.pdf in the -overlayPdf parameter, it does do the overlaying, but obviously, that's not what I'm looking for.

      Any hints as to why this might not work, or any particularities about the base PDF that might be causing this to be behaving differently would be helpful.


        1. base.pdf
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          Vlad-Tudor Marchis
        2. out.pdf
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          Vlad-Tudor Marchis
        3. overlay.pdf
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          Vlad-Tudor Marchis
        4. Overlayer.zip
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          Vlad-Tudor Marchis



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