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Improve PDFDebugger (2)



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0
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    • Component/s: Utilities
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      This is a follow-up issue to PDFBOX-2530 to implement extra ideas that came up in GSoC2015, ideas that were not implemented due to lack of time, and new ideas.


      • refactor PDFDebugger.java
      • render glyphs of fonts
      • ✓ refactor StreamPane to share stream filtering among Text view and hex view
      • ✓ password dialog when hitting protected PDF
      • show "pretty" XML
      • display filtered streams even if the unfiltered stream is corrupt (PDFBOX-2976)
      • ✓ display the "caused by" part exception stack trace (nested exceptions)
      • ✓ keep zoom
      • ✓ integrate DrawPrintTextLocations into rendering
      • integrate area text extraction with a mouse-created rectangle that shows the coordinates in a status line
      • ✓ show permission flags of Encrypt/P entry
      • ✓ show signature flags of Root/AcroForm/SigFlags entry, see Table 219 in PDF spec
      • show page labels additional to page number (see file from TIKA-2121 as example)
      • ✓ "reopen" menu item (useful when editing an existing PDF to create a reduced PDF)
      • choose zoom automatically so that PDF page can be seen in full


      • save modified PDFs
      • editing in hex viewer
      • remove nodes (e.g. elements from a COSDictionary)
      • delete array or dictionary elements
      • load content streams
      • edit & keep content streams


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          Tilman Hausherr
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        3. keep_zoom.diff
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          khyrul bashar
        4. gs-bugzilla694570.pdf
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          Tilman Hausherr
        5. separate_filter_choice_from_text_hex_views.diff
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          khyrul bashar
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          John Hewson
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        9. sonar_qube_resolve_25_08.diff
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        10. sonar_qube_resolve.diff
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          khyrul bashar
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        12. screenshot_debugger_new.png
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          Tilman Hausherr
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