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Corrupted words when using PDFTextStripper



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    • 1.8.5, 1.8.6, 2.0.0
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      >> I am using PDFTextStripper (embedded into another application) to get
      >> the raw text of PDFs so far with good results but recently a PDF file
      >> has appeared where the output of the PDFTextStripper was corrupted. I
      >> got sentences like:
      >> "There is al o con ern that b nkers may be pushed to misprice risk
      >> (No. 6) by the pres ures of c mpetition and an abunda ce of central b
      >> nk-provided liquidity."

      > Additionally some portions of text appear
      > twice in the output: first correctly and then corrupted. I have
      > attached an output created with PDFBox's command line options.
      > If you compare lines 357- 365 with lines 421-429 you see that it is
      > the same paragraph, first ok and then with characters missing. In the
      > original source this paragraph is unique.
      > The same seems to happen for the other instances where text is corrupted.

      I also tried it directly on the command line with the same results: input and output files are attached.


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