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EncryptionPropertiesFactory and DecryptionPropertiesFactory




      This JIRA is an extension to Parquet Modular Encryption Jira(PARQUET-1178) that will provide the basic building blocks and APIs for the encryption support. 

      This JIRA provides a crypto data interface for schema activation of Parquet encryption and serves as a high-level layer on top of PARQUET-1178 to make the adoption of Parquet-1178 easier, with pluggable key access module, without a need to use the low-level encryption APIs. Also, this feature will enable seamless integration with existing clients.

      No change to specifications (Parquet-format), no new Parquet APIs, and no changes in existing Parquet APIs. All current applications, tests, etc, will work.

      From developer perspective, they can just implement the interface into a plugin which can be attached any Parquet application like Hive/Spark etc. This decouples the complexity of dealing with KMS and schema from Parquet applications. In large organization, they may have hundreds or even thousands of Parquet applications and pipelines. The decoupling would make Parquet encryption easier to be adopted.  

      From end user(for example data owner) perspective, if they think a column is sensitive, they can just set that column’s schema as sensitive and then the Parquet application just encrypt that column automatically. This makes end user easy to manage the encryptions of their columns.  


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