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Avro RequestedProjection incompatible with Hive written data



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: parquet-avro
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      parquet-mr in CDH 5.14.2 (base version is 1.5.0)

      parquet-mr 1.9.0


      I got a Parquet file written by Hive with this schema:

      file schema: hive_schema
      taxi_id: OPTIONAL BINARY O:UTF8 R:0 D:1
      date: OPTIONAL BINARY O:UTF8 R:0 D:1
      start_time: OPTIONAL INT64 R:0 D:1
      end_time: OPTIONAL INT64 R:0 D:1
      min_lat_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      min_lng_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      max_lat_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      max_lng_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      first_lat_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      first_lng_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      last_lat_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      last_lng_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:0 D:1
      gps_log: OPTIONAL F:1
      .bag: REPEATED F:1
      ..array_element: OPTIONAL F:6
      ...timestamp: OPTIONAL INT64 R:1 D:4
      ...lat_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:1 D:4
      ...lng_wgs: OPTIONAL DOUBLE R:1 D:4
      ...item: OPTIONAL INT32 R:1 D:4
      ...direction: OPTIONAL INT32 R:1 D:4
      ...vflag: OPTIONAL INT32 R:1 D:4

      I want to use parquet-avro to read it, and use `AvroReadSupport.setRequestedProjection` to select a subset of field.

        "type": "record",
        "name": "test",
        "fields": [
            "name": "taxi_id",
            "type": ["null", "string"]
            "name": "gps_log",
            "type": [{
              "type": "array",
              "items": ["null", {
                "name": "point",
                "type": "record",
                "fields": [
                    "name": "lat_wgs",
                    "type": ["null", "double"]
                    "name": "lng_wgs",
                    "type": ["null", "double"]
            "default": "null"

      I try to read data with code: 

      Configuration conf = new Configuration(); AvroReadSupport.setRequestedProjection(conf, schema); conf.setBoolean(AvroWriteSupport.WRITE_OLD_LIST_STRUCTURE, false); conf.setBoolean(AvroSchemaConverter.ADD_LIST_ELEMENT_RECORDS, false); AvroParquetReader<GenericRecord> reader = new AvroParquetReader<>(conf, path);

      And I got errors:

      Exception in thread "main" parquet.io.ParquetDecodingException: The requested schema is not compatible with the file schema. incompatible types: 
      required group gps_log (LIST) {
        repeated group list {
          optional group element {
            optional double lat_wgs;
            optional double lng_wgs;
      } != optional group gps_log (LIST) {
        repeated group bag {
          optional group array_element {
            optional int64 timestamp;
            optional double lat_wgs;
            optional double lng_wgs;
            optional int32 item;
            optional int32 direction;
            optional int32 vflag;

      This error doesn't caused by the nullability of `gps_log`. If I mark it nullable in Avro schema, I'll always get a null value.


      I try to add some code in `AvroSchemaConverter.convertField`:

      diff --git a/AvroSchemaConverter.java b/AvroSchemaConverterNew.java
      index 0b8076b..48b56dd 100644
      --- a/AvroSchemaConverter.java
      +++ b/AvroSchemaConverterNew.java
      @@ -50,12 +50,17 @@ public class AvroSchemaConverter {
      private static final boolean ADD_LIST_ELEMENT_RECORDS_DEFAULT = true;
      + public static final String READ_HIVE_WRITE_FILE =
      +    "parquet.avro.read-hive-write-file";
      + private static final boolean READ_HIVE_WRITE_FILE_DEFAULT = false;
      private final boolean assumeRepeatedIsListElement;
      private final boolean writeOldListStructure;
      public AvroSchemaConverter() {
           this.assumeRepeatedIsListElement = ADD_LIST_ELEMENT_RECORDS_DEFAULT;
           this.writeOldListStructure = WRITE_OLD_LIST_STRUCTURE_DEFAULT;
      +   this.isReadHiveWriteFileDefault = READ_HIVE_WRITE_FILE_DEFAULT;
      public AvroSchemaConverter(Configuration conf) {
      @@ -63,6 +68,9 @@ public class AvroSchemaConverter {
           this.writeOldListStructure = conf.getBoolean(
      +   this.isReadHiveWriteFileDefault = conf.getBoolean(
      +   );
      @@ -137,7 +145,14 @@ public class AvroSchemaConverter {
           if (writeOldListStructure) {
               return ConversionPatterns.listType(repetition, fieldName,
                   convertField("array", schema.getElementType(), REPEATED));
      -    } else {
      +    } else if (isReadHiveWriteFileDefault) {
      +       Type elementType = convertField("array_element", schema.getElementType());
      +       return new GroupType(
      +           repetition,
      +           fieldName,
      +           LIST,
      +           new GroupType(Type.Repetition.REPEATED, "bag", elementType));
      +       } else {
               return ConversionPatterns.listOfElements(repetition, fieldName,
                   convertField(AvroWriteSupport.LIST_ELEMENT_NAME, schema.getElementType()));

      It can read data with this file.


      So is this a compatibility problem in parquet-avro, or just I missed some configuration?






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