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Naive Bayesian Classifier




      I thought it would be nice to have a Naive Bayesian classifier in OpenNLP (it lacks one at present).

      Implementation details: We have a production-hardened piece of Java code for a multinomial Naive Bayesian classifier (with default Laplace smoothing) that we'd like to contribute. The code is Java 1.5 compatible. I'd have to write an adapter to make the interface compatible with the ME classifier in OpenNLP. I expect the patch to be available 1 to 3 weeks from now.

      Below is the email trail of a discussion in the dev mailing list around this dated May 19th, 2015.

      Tommaso Teofili via opennlp.apache.org

      to dev
      Hi Cohan,

      I think that'd be a very valuable contribution, as NB is one of the
      foundation algorithms, often used as basis for comparisons.
      It would be good if you could create a Jira issue and provide more details
      about the implementation and, eventually, a patch.

      Thanks and regards,


      2015-05-19 9:57 GMT+02:00 Cohan Sujay Carlos

      > I have a question for the OpenNLP project team.
      > I was wondering if there is a Naive Bayesian classifier implementation in
      > OpenNLP that I've not come across, or if there are plans to implement one.
      > If it is the latter, I should love to contribute an implementation.
      > There is an ME classifier already available in OpenNLP, of course, but I
      > felt that there was an unmet need for a Naive Bayesian (NB) classifier
      > implementation to be offered as well.
      > An NB classifier could be bootstrapped up with partially labelled training
      > data as explained in the Nigam, McCallum, et al paper of 2000 "Text
      > Classification from Labeled and Unlabeled Documents using EM".
      > So, if there isn't an NB code base out there already, I'd be happy to
      > contribute a very solid implementation that we've used in production for a
      > good 5 years.
      > I'd have to adapt it to load the same training data format as the ME
      > classifier, but I guess that shouldn't be very difficult to do.
      > I was wondering if there was some interest in adding an NB implementation
      > and I'd love to know who could I coordinate with if there is?
      > Cohan Sujay Carlos
      > CEO, Aiaioo Labs, India


        1. naive-bayes-classifier-2-adding-fixes-requested-by-joern-on-20-oct-2015.patch
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          Cohan Sujay Carlos
        2. NaiveBayesCorrectnessTest.java
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          Cohan Sujay Carlos
        3. NaiveBayesModel.java
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          Cohan Sujay Carlos
        4. NaiveBayesOpenNLPTestCode.zip
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          Cohan Sujay Carlos



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