add a new "salutation" for the User's Title field for "Prof" (e.g. Professor)

      Fix typo in English text for 452, "choose_video_settings_info_text" from "No audio/video from you PC will be published, you profile picture will be shown" to "No audio/video from your PC will be published, your profile picture will be shown"

      change the English text for 1312, "upload file explorer", from "Do directly load to whiteboard" to "Load directly to the Whiteboard".

      Fix text in English text for 1315, "recording flag", from "Do not forget start recording. One user per room always needs to start it to have the recording afterwards." To "Do not forget to 'Start recording', if you want have the meeting recorded."

      Suggest changing English text for 1462, "file explorer" from " You need moderation or the right to draw on whiteboard to upload, add, delete or load files and folders." To "You need to be a Moderator or have the 'draw on whiteboard' rights to upload, add, delete or load files and folders."


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