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Whiteboard and Webcam and Other Concerns



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      Here are some of the errors that I noticed

      1. Active whiteboard sometimes doesn't automatically focus. I dragged a file to the whiteboard and wait for almost 15 minutes to appear in the whiteboard. Later, i discovered that it had been displayed but it only appeared blank because whiteboard tab had to be clicked so that it would display it contents.
      2.  It would be okay if the webcam stays on a fixed position, whenever I would refresh or click the webcam icon, it would go back to its original position. It would be okay if it stays in the position that it has been placed. 
      3. Recorder doesnt work 98% of the time. If you woud record a 5 minutes video, it would only load forever and most of the time ends up with errors.
      4. It eats a lot of memory and CPU resources. I have 8-core, 8GB memory and almost eats 85% of memory and sometimes 100% of CPU but we're only 2 users who were using the OM.
      5. I uploaded a MP4 video and I can't slide the timeline of the video.
      6. If the recorder is disabled in the settings. It would be okay if the audio and video data go directly to the the users. What I mean is peer-to-peer communication to minimize the choppiness of the audio and video. It seems that the audio and video have to be transmitted like this; user to server and then from server to the other user.  It would be okay if the communication is real peer-to-peer. Upon checking from the network bandwidth graph, it seems that the data has to go the server and does not go directly to another user because I recorded a spike in the graph whenever I would use a webcam.
      7. Chatbox is not very noticeable. I had to send a screenshot to be able to see where the chatbox is.
      8. I wish there is a clear documentation for using the API. It took me almost a day to see an example from another forum website on how to use the API for PHP language.


      Thank you so much.






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