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A OpenMeetings header page logo ?; Change icons in somes pages?; Add to title VMWare - Iso Live DVD; Every three weeks to post a reminder that there is a live iso dvd.


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      Hi Sebastian,

      As all we know, OpenMeetings is a software basically of video and audio.
      Therefore would be in line enhance the image of Apache OpenMeetings pages
      offering visitors a point where rest their eyes after reading.

      Perhaps it would be refreshing to the eye put a OpenMeetings logo at the header of the main page.
      You can see an example here:


      ...as well as update the icons at this page:


      I love OpenMeetings as you, therefore want OM look as beautiful as be possible.

      Other beneficial point woul be rename the title VMWare at the page:



      VMWare - Iso Live DVD

      ...because thinking as a normal user computer as i am, if found only VMWare title (not now)
      could not imagine in that paragraph were a live iso dvd, but the most of the people know
      what is a live dvd.

      OpenMeetings have the means to help users just have to show them and remind them,
      For it would be wise to remember every three weeks or so, where they can get the iso
      live dvd through a post on the list, that with your permission i will write.

      These are ideas only.

      I have an image composition that show how can look the main page with a logo.
      Send to you by mail because here is no way tu upload.

      Thank you!


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