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Embedded element/key/value types should not be limited to simple fields and direct relations to other persistent types, but allow embedded Collections


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.1.0
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      It's a pitty that @PersistentCollection(elementEmbedded = true) only works to to "depth 1", that is you can apparently not have an @Entity class A

      { @PersistentCollection(elementEmbedded=true) private Set<B> bs = new HashSet<B>(); ... }

      with @Entity class B again a

      { @PersistentCollection(elementEmbedded=true) private Set<C> bs = new HashSet<C>(); ... }


      On OpenJPA 1.1, this leads to the error: "org.apache.openjpa.util.MetaDataException: "X.y<element:class Y>" is mapped as embedded, but embedded field "..." is not embeddable. Embedded element/key/value types are limited to simple fields and direct relations to other persistent types."

      The expected outcome would to have a schema with an SQL table A, an A_B (that works already!), and an A_B_C table (that doesn't work).

      JPA 2.0 JSR 317 <> says "... support for collections of embedded objects, multiple levels of embedded objects ..." so may this will be supported 'soon-ish' (that one liner may not refer to this exact use case)?

      PS: This limitation has unfortunately turned into a show stopper for our use of OpenJPA, and made us look at another ORM which seems to support this kind of mapping.


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