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QuerySQLCache not processing prepared sql correctly



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      Opening this JIRA on behalf of a user e-mailing me with this question... The workaround for this problem is to disable the QuerySQLCache either via a property in the persistence.xml or on an individual query basis via the setQueryHint invocation. A description of the problem follows:

      I have a JPQL like this:
      SELECT catentry FROM CatalogEntry catentry WHERE catentry.catalogEntryId IN(:catalogEntryId)

      • catalogEntryId is of type long.
      • I am trying to set the named query parameter 'catalogEntryId' from my code using query.setParameter("catalogEntryId", list of catalogEntryIds)
      • I am ensuring that the list of catalogEntryIds that I am setting is always a list of type java.lang.Long. I am using wrappers/objects rather than primitives. But I think that should be OK, as the same is mentioned in the OpenJPA manual.

      The issue is:

      • When I start my server (on WAS), it works fine for the very first time. So let's say I pass 10459 & 10460 as catalogEntryIds, I get the entities corresponding to both the ids.
      • But for subsequent requests, only one entity is returned mostly for the last id(10460) in the list. There are no errors/exceptions thrown. I have in fact started the server in debug mode and checked the exact values set in the query object. The "boundParams" in the QueryImpl has the list of catalogEntryIds(10459 & 10460) that I have set.
      • The issue is even more strange when I try to set a list of entities using the IN() expression in another query which takes a list of entities as the query parameter. It works for the very first time and then for subsequent requests it throws an exception saying parameter not supported/ invalid parameter...

      Another strange behavior is that all the above works absolutely fine, when I launch the similar code in a stand alone J2SE platform, typically using a JUNIT test case.

      This problem looks very basic for a J2EE environment, I am hoping this is a known issue and you have a fix already?
      About my environment:

      • I am running with of the OSGi/JPA 2.0 Feature Pack on top of WAS v7
      • I have also set dataCache/queryCache to false hoping that would yield successful result, but did not help. Seems like they are by default disabled?




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