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[docs] Switch from TWiki to Markdown



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    • Fix Version/s: 5.1.0
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      This won't be a fun JIRA, but it would be great if we could switch to something easier to work with and better supported like markdown, and get rid of the super old twiki we're using for docs.

      I found two tools that I haven't tried out that claim to be able to convert this for us:

      1. http://pandoc.org/
      2. https://github.com/jcodagnone/twiki2markdown

      The former supports a lot of different formats, and according to this blog post it's better to convert from the rendered html instead of the twiki. But who knows which is better, or if the second tool is better than either.

      I think once we switch to a better format, it will be easier to keep the docs in better shape, as they could really use some reorganizing. Though we can keep that for a separate task.


        1. twiki2md_20180730.zip
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        2. OOZIE-2734-amend-11.patch
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        12. OOZIE-2734-1.patch
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        13. OOZIE-2734.amend.002.patch
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        14. oozie_generated_html_markdown_20180913.zip
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