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too many extjs cookies can cause the web UI to stop responding



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      From this thread on the mailing list, a user wrote this:

      I'm sure somebody else experience this problem as well and you may have a solution.
      As you click around the Oozie Web Console to visualize coordinators, workflows, actions, etc, after a while the web console stops responding, i.e. it does not process your requests anymore.
      It appears to be a glitch related to cookies. I don't know if there's any setting one could do related to that to avoid the problem.
      Whenever the problem happen, if you clear cookies created by the oozie server the problem goes away.

      This is annoying and I'm so tired of clearing cookies multiple times during the day as I use the web console a lot.

      So, does anybody have a solution for this?

      I believe this has to do with extjs creating too many cookies:

      I've noticed that we get a bunch of cookies named "ys-ext-comp-####" where #### is some number. I think these are storing the width, height, etc of the "windows" that the web UI uses. I'm not sure what causes new cookies to be written, but if its saving one cookie for each window that you open and you open a lot of windows, you could easily get too many cookies for the browser/server to handle. These cookies might also explain why sometimes when you open a window, the UI components are stretched (e.g. a text box that's normally a single line is showing up as 20 lines). I think this page is talking about these problems with the cookies: http://www.jasonclawson.com/2008/05/20/ext-21-state-managment-issues-dont-use-it/

      I don't think we really need to remember the sizes of the windows, so it would be best if we found a way to simply disable those cookies.

      tldr; we should stop extjs from creating cookies for storing the position/state of the windows or other UI components.


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