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Remove Non-Essential Components from OODT



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      The OODT code base has many different components that are non-essential to OODT. These components often make it more difficult for new users to get up and running. In addition, errors in these components can reflect poorly on the project itself. These items ARE valuable contributions, but are better-suited to be optional additions to the base oodt rather than part of the basic build.

      These items should be pulled out into optional supporting projects that are not permanently included in the base checkout.

      Although the complete list of non-essentials need to be identified, the following are proposed. Note: radix is used as the "official build". Also note: The OODT community must come to a consensus on this list.

      • agility – Python OODT, official build is Java
      • app – A swing based GUI for OODT, official build uses OPS-UI
      • balance – PHP web interfaces, offical build uses OPS-UI
      • catalog – Is catalog ever used anymore?
      • docker – All non-radix builds confuse the "recommended" build process
      • grid – Is Grid used anymore?
      • opendapps - Not included in radix
      • profile – What is this?
      • protocol – Supports Pushpull, which is out.
      • pushpull – not included in radix.
      • sso – security module, is it used by OODT?
      • streaming – Additional code to support streaming. Spark separates streaming, so should we.
      • vagrant – All non-radix builds confuse the "recommended" build process
      • xmlps – Sits on Grid, is it used?
      • xmlquery – Believed to be unused (solr fills this functionality)




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