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Write default File Manager policy and associated RSS conf to automatically publish GeoRSS to Apache SIS


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      Apache SIS is a spatial project in the Incubator: http://incubator.apache.org/sis/. It provides a location REST service, and a dynamic Java Quad Tree. SIS can be fed GeoRSS and then can use that information to drive its location service interface.

      Apache OODT and its File Manager component have the ability to manage files, their metadata, and to output it in RSS format. The RSS service in OODT is configurable, and has been used in the past to generate GeoRSS, but hasn't been standardized to do so yet.

      This project would involve:

      1. Wire up a default GeoRSS config in the File Manager RSS service to output lat/lon generically from ingested files with those metadata fields.
      2. Define default file manager policy for LocationAwareProducts.
      3. Connect the GeoRSS output in File Manager to Apache SIS and demonstrate that the product can be searched and located using the Quad Tree and the Location Service in SIS.
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