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Component Lead Description
accounting The accounting component.
ALL APPLICATIONS Convenient component to use when the issue concerns every applications (ie not the framework)
ALL COMPONENTS Convenient component to use when the issue concerns every components (ie framework, applications, etc.)
assetmaint Fixed Asset Maintenance
Attic Placeholder for discontinued components
bi Component for Business Intelligence
birt Birt Reports (only in trunk like all specialpurpose compoments but ecommerce)
BuildBot To handle tasks (create Task Type issues) in BuildBot
cmssite Component for displaying static and dynamically generated (content based) web pages
commonext The commonext application component
Confluence To handle tasks (create Task Type issues) in Confluence workspaces, open wiki included
content The content component
datamodel The datamodel component
Demo To handle tasks (create Task Type issues) in demo VM
ecommerce The ecommerce component
example The example component
exampleext The exampleext component
framework jonesde David E. Jones All issues related to the various framework components. In other words the Entity Engine, Service Engine, Widgets, and all others in the framework.
framework/webtools The WebTools component
Gradle For Gradle specific issue
hhfacility The hhfacility component
humanres The humanres component
ldap ldap integration component
lucene The Lucene component
manufacturing The manufacturing component
marketing The marketing component
myportal hansbak Hans Bakker The component which shows all information which applies to the logged on user.
order The order component
party malin.nicolas@librenberry.net Malin Nicolas The party component
passport Special Purpose Passport component
product The product component
projectmgr hansbak Hans Bakker The project management Application for admnistering projects, phase and tasks
scrum h.bakker@antwebsystems.com Hans Bakker The Scrum component
securityext The securityext in applications
site The website of the Apache OFBiz project
solr Special Purpose Solr component
tools folder for tools (mosty scripts) used by the project
tools/security jacques.le.roux Jacques Le Roux security folder under the tools folder for security tools used in the project
webpos web pos component
workeffort The workeffort component