1. OFBiz




Convenient component to use when the issue concerns every applications (ie not the framework)

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug OFBIZ-4120 Umbrella task for features which use javascript to degrade gracefully
Bug OFBIZ-4785 Enable Cross (Sub)Domain Tracking is not working - tomcat
Improvement OFBIZ-4956 "auth" should be true for all the request url used for Application components.

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug OFBIZ-4638 OFBiz does not build when using OpenJDK 7
Bug OFBIZ-8321 Labels and properties caches clearing no longer work
Improvement OFBIZ-8324 replace hardcoded strings

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased Upcoming Branch