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EmailServices.sendMailFromScreen improved to take multiple attachments with appropriate type along with several email fixes



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      This patch fixes a number of issues combined in a patch because of the code dependencies.

      Firstly it enables to add BCC adress(es) to service OrderServices.sendOrderNotificationScreens to oversteer ProductStoreEmailSetting of BCC the same was as for CC.

      Secondly a method UtilValidate.isEmailList(String) is added to check a comma separated list of email addresses, used for example to check the String passed to the new BCC field for an Order-Notification.

      Thirdly there are improvements in EmailServices.sendMailFromScreen. The attachment type of MailAttachments is now not only .pdf but depends on the specific file. This has not been the case before - the mime type was always hard coded as .pdf.
      The same goes for the bodyPart content-type which is now set to the passed content type or the default text/html type. Before this was also always set to text/html. Additionally, an attachment that has the mime-type text/plain is not rendered with the fop-renderer anymore but with a simple text-renderer. Therefore it is possible to send an CSV file as attachment now.

      The patch also refactors some catch-Blocks in the EmailServices.sendMailFromScreen by using multi-catch since the exception handling is always the same.


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