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Removed from UtilCache the ability to persist entries in the file system

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      Removed from UtilCache the ability to persist entries in the file system.
      This feature has been contributed a long time ago as an experimental feature but never really matured into a production ready artifact: since it was contributed, no users asked about how to use it, or tested it, or reported bugs or enhancement requests.
      More importantly, the feature has always been disabled in the OFBiz framework (i.e. the widget code and the entity engine code were not using it).

      This removal should not impact our user base; however, after the removal, an entry to the Attic will be created to keep track of it and to make it easier, to interested users, to get this code, improve it (e.g. by making it dependent on a live external jar, for example MapDB instead of JDBM) and possibly contribute it back to the project.

      The most compelling reason for its removal is that the feature was based on a snapshot, unreleased version of JDBM, which is now a mostly dead project: for licensing reasons we are no more allowed to bundle jars in our releases. Additionally, having code that relies an old jar from a no more active project represents a maintenance issue for the community.



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