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      Focus of this Jira Issue is Refactoring Create Order Process, Implement a parallel code as needed so that the current Code remains intact.

      From David's email on Mailing list.
      Just some quick thoughts...

      Following the pattern of the anonymous and other checkout processes
      in the ecommerce app would be a great way to go.

      In the order manager there are various paths through the checkout
      process so we might have, for example, 2 different sets of request-
      map definitions and two different "progress bars", one for sales
      orders and one for purchase orders. These two different sets of high-
      level artifacts can point to the same views, services/events,
      screens, data prep scripts, etc wherever the two processes overlap.


      My Initial comments
      The anonymous checkout process in Ecommerce component provides some high level guiding principals. Few things that I can think of are
      1) moving some code that's embedded in Java classes into small simple methods.
      2) Moving process control logic from event handlers to Controller file.

      1. OrderProcessSimpleMethods.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      2. OrderChekOutProcessRefac.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      3. OrderChekOutProcessRefac.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      4. OrderChekOutProcessRefac.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      5. OrderChekOutProcessRefac.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      6. OrderCheckoutProcess.patch
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      7. OrderCheckoutProcess.patch
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      8. OrderCheckoutProcess.patch
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        Anil K Patel
      9. OrderCheckoutProcess.patch
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      10. OrderCheckoutProcess.patch
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        Mridul Pathak


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