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Pricing error in Variant Products when setup with VAT-Tax and price set on Virtual Product



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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Release Branch 13.07, Release Branch 14.12, Release Branch 15.12, Trunk
    • 14.12.01, 15.12.01
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      In a VAT-Tax setup (i.e. sales-tax does not apply) and when using virtual- variant- products and the price is defined only on the virtual product and with "Tax in Price" set to "Y", its variants should inherit the set price without adding any further taxes.
      This is currently not the case when in the e-commerce shop a variant product is added to the shopping cart. Currently sales-tax is added to the product price.

      Here is a detailed procedure to reproduce the error:

      In Party Manager:

      1. Create new Party Group with Name "SII_CHL"
        (Leave all settings for group creation as per standard)
      2. Assign Role "Tax Authority" to party "SII_CHL"

      In Accounting Module / Tax Autorities:

      1. Create New Tax Authority with following settings:
        Geo: CHL
        Party: SII_CHL
        Include Tax in Price: Y
        Leave other setting as is
      2. Under "Product Rates" create new tax with following settings:
        Type: Value Added Tax
        Tax Percentage: 19
        From Date: Now
        Leave other settings as is
      3. Expire the Sales Tax created under tax authority NA by setting its corresponding thru date to NOW.
      4. Under Catalog Manager / Stores:
        Modify following Settings for OFBiz Ecommerce Store (ID:9000)
        Tax settings:
        Show Prices with VAT tax included: Y
        VAT Tax Auth Geo Id: CHL
        VAT Tax Auth Party Id: 10000 (Or the Party ID corresponding to the created Tax Authority SII_CHL)
      5. Expire all Promotions for OFBIZ E-Commerce Store [ID:9000] by setting all thru-dates to NOW
      6. Under Catalog Manager / Products: Create New Product with following settings:
        Internal Name: T-Shirt
        Is Virtual Product: Y
      7. Under Catalog Manager / Products / Categories
        Assign the virtual product "T-Shirt" to the products category ID 200 (Widgets)
        Product Category ID: 200
        From Date: Now
      8. Under Catalog Manager / Products / Content
        In override Simple Fields
        Set Product Name to: "T-Shirt Virtual"
      9. Under Catalog Manager / Features:
        Create New Feature Category.
        Description: "T-Shirt Colors"
      10. Create new Feature within feature Category "T-Shirt Colors":
        Create New Feature
        Feature Type: Color
        Description: Red
        Create New Feature
        Feature Type: Color
        Description: Blue
      11. Create 2 variant products under the virtual product "T-Shirt"
        Under Catalog Manager / Products
        Find T-Shirt Product
        Once T-Shirt Product is selected:
        Press Features Tab
        Under Add product features from Category or Group
        Choose T-Shirt Colors Category
        Feature Application Type: Selectable
        Screen with Blue and Red T-Shirt Colors appears.
        Set for both colors From Date: Now
        Sequence:1 for blue
        Sequence:2 for red
        Set a tick on each feature in order to select the feature for adding it.
      12. Under Catalog Manager / Products with "T-Shirt" virtual product selected press the Variants
        The Quick add Variants screen appears.
        Define Product IDs for Blue and Red features.
        Blue: T-Shirt Blue
        Red: T-Shirt Red
        Set tick on both features in order to select for variant product creation.
      13. Under Catalog Manager / Products / Prices set 2 new product prices for the created virtual
        product "T-Shirt":
        Default Price
        From Date: Now
        Price: 11.9
        Tax Percentage: 19
        Tax in price: Y
        List Price
        From Date: Now
        Price: 11.9
        Tax Percentage: 19
        Tax in price: Y

      Now the products should be visible in the E-Shop.
      The Virtual Products Price appears at USD 14.16 If I Select the blue or the red T-Shirt Price is 11.9USD

      Now I modify the Product Pricing on the Virtual Product.
      On Default- and List- Prices add:

      • Tax Percentage: 19
      • Tax Authority Party (ID): 10000 (Or whatever ID corresponds to SII_CHL Party)
      • Tax Auth Geo Id: CHL

      Back in the E-Shop on the product display now the correct prices appear.
      I.E. 11.9 USD for the virtual product, the red, and the blue shirt.

      Now I preselect the blue T-Shirt and add 1 to the shopping cart.
      If I go to the cart now the price of the Blue T-Shirt is 14,16USD.

      Now let's define a product price directly on the Red T-Shirt variant product:

      Under Catalog Manager / Product select the product "T-Shirt Red".
      Under the Prices Tab:

      • Price Type: Default Price
      • From Date: Now
      • Price: 11.9
      • Tax Percentage: 19
      • Tax Authority Party (ID): 10000 (Or corresponding ID to SII_CHL)
      • Tax Auth Geo ID: CHL
      • Tax in Price: Y
      • Price Type: List Price
      • From Date: Now
      • Price: 11.9
      • Tax Percentage: 19
      • Tax Authority Party (ID): 10000 (Or corresponding ID to SII_CHL)
      • Tax Auth Geo ID: CHL
      • Tax in Price: Y

      Back to the E-Shop
      Select now the Red T-Shirt and add to shopping cart.
      If you check the prices in the shopping cart the red T-Shirt would be sold at 11.9 USD and the blue T-Shirt at 14.16USD.
      Only difference being that I have set up pricing directly on the Red T-Shirt, while the blue one gets its price from the virtual product T-Shirt.

      If you do the Quick Check out with a Chilean "Ship To" address and get to the "Final Checkout Review", you can see that for the Red T-Shirt no sales Tax is applied while for the blue one there is a sales tax of USD 2.26


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