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Improve shopping cart to better handle a large number of ship groups and item associations



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      The order entry form should be improved to better handle orders with complex shipments. Its difficult to use the current order entry forms for entering ship group information when dealing with 10 or more ship groups with different destinations, carriers, shipment methods, and dates.

      Improvements should include:
      1. Allow ship groups to be edited even if the cart is empty
      2. Allow the address, carrier shipment method, and shipping dates to be specified on a single page instead of relying on three separate pages
      3. Allow items to be assigned to ship groups when creating or updating. The order items page of existing orders already provides this functionality by allowing quantities to be specified for each ship group for each order item. Similarly, ship groups should be listed with quantity fields for each item when more than one ship group exists so that items can be assigned to ship groups directly when added or updated.
      4. Allow ability to assign items directly to ship groups to the form on the order edit page that allows appending of items to existing orders. Existing items already have this ability so it should be expanded to this form as well.
      5. Allow ability to reorder the ship group sequence. Having the ability to control the sequence of the list of ship group quantity fields would be very useful if the other functionality is implemented. This would allow for example, a ship group with a date that falls between existing ship group dates to be resequenced to fall between those respective ship group dates when listed for order items.
      6. Allow ship groups to be deleted/removed. Adding a fromDate and thruDate to the OrderItemShipGroup entity could provide this functionality. Logic would have to check to ensure that no order items have been assigned before removing the ship group.


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