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Incorrect quantityNotAvailable for OrderItemShipGrpInvRes when issuing items to shipments



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    • Release Branch 12.04
    • 14.12.01, 16.11.01
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      The quantityNotAvailable field of OrderItemShipGrpRes seems to reflect incorrect numbers after shipment issuances occur.

      To reproduct:
      1. Create an order for DemoCustCompany for a quantity of 100 of a product having no inventory quantity
      2. Create a second ship group on the Shipping page
      3. Assign half of the order item quantity (50) to the second ship group created and then finish creating the order
      4. Click the "New Shipment for Ship Group" button for the first ship group and navigate to the "Order Items" page
      5. On the "Order Items" page, notice the issue quantity field is blank because no inventory exist yet to be issued to the shipment.
      6. Navigate to the WebstoreWarehouse Receive Inventory page and receive a quantity of 1 for the order item product to increase the inventory by 1
      7. Refresh the Shipment Order Items page and you'll see the issue quantity change to 1 because the inventoryItemId created in the last step was assigned to the orderItemShipGrpInvRes for this item.
      8. Now change from ship group 00001 to ship group 00002 and notice the issue quantity is blank
      9. Assign a quantity of 1 to the second ship group and click the "Issue All" button
      10. Change the ship group back to 00001 and notice the quantity in the issue text box is still 1

      It seems like the issue text box in step 10 should be 0 instead of 1 since the inventory item quantity was used for ship group 2.

      Does anyone disagree? Could I be misinterpreting the way the OrderItemShipGrpInvRes is supposed to work?


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