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      Quoting Tom Burns at OFBIZ-4869

      This is a status update just to let anyone who is interested know that this item is being worked on.

      I started out using the OFBiz structure for help docs but after a while I needed/wanted something more expressive.
      Here is what I wound up using for development:

      Java Help System http://java.net/projects/javahelp/content

      DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide

      DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

      Help Master - FE for managing java help files. Best feature drag and drop TOC creates TOC matching file folder structure. Convenient launcher for viewing & testing. http://www.halogenware.com/software/helpmaster.html

      XML Mind XML Editor - Free Personal Edition is far better then editing in Eclipse. download from http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/download.shtml

      Tutorial - DocBook editing with XML Mind XML Editor. Worth going through http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/tutorial.html

      Read Me First style guide from Sun (cost from Amazon 1 cent + shipping)

      Attached are some screen shots of the results.
      Every screen is/will be documented in a similar structure. This is as much for defining requirements and testing as for help. More work but worth it.

      The screenshots show a Java Help format generated using DocBook XSL. This will likely not be the final presentation format.

      Note the Performance Review screen shots do not match the trunk. There is a bug in update screen and I did some clean up of labels and drop-down list. There are issues like this all through the application so I did not want to get bogged down with patches at this time.


        1. content.7z
          3.84 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        2. docbook diff.patch
          90 kB
          Jacques Le Roux
        3. docbook-xsl-1.77.1.zip
          5.94 MB
          Tom Burns
        4. help_content.jpg
          34 kB
          Tom Burns
        5. help_ofbizhelp.jpg
          61 kB
          Tom Burns
        6. help_webhlep.jpg
          90 kB
          Tom Burns
        7. HelpAccounting.jpg
          135 kB
          Tom Burns
        8. helppdf.zip
          5.16 MB
          Tom Burns
        9. HelpPerformanceReview1.jpg
          212 kB
          Tom Burns
        10. HelpPerformanceReview2.jpg
          301 kB
          Tom Burns
        11. HelpRoadmap.jpg
          364 kB
          Tom Burns
        12. jh.jar
          496 kB
          Tom Burns
        13. LICENSE.html
          13 kB
          Tom Burns
        14. LicenseFiles.zip
          34 kB
          Tom Burns
        15. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.14 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        16. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.85 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        17. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.75 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        18. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.74 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        19. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.74 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        20. OFBIZ-4941.patch
          1.73 MB
          Jacques Le Roux
        21. OFBIZ-4941 POC HR Help.patch
          1.36 MB
          Tom Burns
        22. ofbiz-common.xsl
          43 kB
          Tom Burns
        23. webhelp.jpg
          205 kB
          Tom Burns
        24. WebhelpFiles.zip
          7.77 MB
          Tom Burns
        25. WebhelpFiles.zip
          4.90 MB
          Tom Burns
        26. WebhelpHRAppDocbook.zip
          8.60 MB
          Tom Burns
        27. WebhelpHRAppDocbook.zip
          8.59 MB
          Tom Burns

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