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E-commerce search does not always functioning correctly


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      There seems to be a number of problems with the way e-commerce search works. I'll just a name a few examples of things I have tried that don't seem to work the way I think they should. I can delete a catalog from a store and the catalog still shows up and is completely searchable. I can delete a part from a catalog, then search the catalog and it still shows up, if you click the part from the search results you get a NullPointerException error. To take things a step further, after deleting the main catalog from the web store, I changed it to View Allow instead of Browse Root, then I even changed every category within the catalog to internal and search still finds parts from that catalog. Then I created a new catalog and category and put a product within. From here I can drill down to the part from the newly created catalog, but when I click on the part for details, it still directs me to the other catalog!

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