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      In the latest trunk the tree off the HR Main menu has some questionable behavior:

      1. The developer and test persons created in the Accounting application behave like organizations.
        They display the organization icon and context menu.
        For example:
        Go to Human Resources Main
        In the tree open the nodes Development Department > Development Team 1
        Right Click on any of the children Developer1-3.
        Developers 1-3 are persons but the context menu presents the functions for an organization (Add Employee Position / Add Internal Organization).
        The Testing entities have the same behavior.
        See attached AcctHRBefore.jpg
        Expected parties that are persons would not have context functions.
        Expected Accounting entities to display icons and behavior in the manner of the Programmer and Demo Employee created by HumanResDemoData.xml.
        For example load the attached HumanResAcctData.xml using Webtools > Entity Import > Absolute Filename or URL to see the expected result as shown in attache AcctHRAfter.jpg
      2. The context menu Add Internal Organization allows duplicate organization entities in the tree.
        This by itself does not make business sense and it permits the creation of recursive structures by selecting the name of the parent for the child.
        For example:
        Go to Human Resources Main In the tree right click on "Development department"
        In the context menu select Add Internal Organization In the drop down list select "DEV" Click Create After refresh open the "Development department".
        It now contains a child "Development department" which has a child "Development department" etc etc.
        It is also possible to create recursion by adding an organizations parent as a child.
        Substitute party_id "Company" for "DEV" in the above exercise.
        Expected unique nodes
      3. Selecting Add Employee Position or Add Person from the context menu opens the corresponding edit forms with calendar lookup fields.
        The calendar form does no open when the lookup icon is clicked.
        Expected calendar to open on click.


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