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While packing picklist bin items, shipmentBoxType is setting same for every package even if we select different box types.



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      Steps to regenerate bug in packing process under Facility:

      1) Create/Place an order with having two or more items and shipping option as USPS.
      2) Go to packing screen and then pack that order using normal packing but not weigh packages.
      3) Make more then two packages for all line items and also select shipmentBoxType for each line item.
      4) After creating packages and setting shipment boxTypes for them, complete the pack order process.
      5) Now you can see in ShipmentPackage entity that for each package, the box type is same as that of the last package box type.

      Now, user will expecting that for every package there will be different box type he selected for packages.

      NOTE: For now if there are three line items and user selected different box types for each (say large box of item 1, tube box for item 2 and 10kg box for item 3) and user selects same package for each item (say package 1), then ideally there will not be three different box types for 1 package, so system will set last selected box type (i.e. 10kg box) for package 1.


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