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renderDateTimeField Freemarker macro ignores framework date-time format settings


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    • Affects Version/s: Screen Widget Redesign, Trunk
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      Bug Crush Event - 21/2/2015



      The renderDateTimeField macro in htmlFormMacroLibrary.ftl ignores the
      framework date-time format settings and formats date-time fields using
      jQuery instead. Two problems with that:

      1. Even when shortDateInput = true, the date and time are displayed when
      the value is a Timestamp.
      2. If the value is anything other than a Timestamp, (java.util.Date or
      java.sql.Date) then the field content is localized, and any attempt to
      pass the field content to a service fails - because there is no way to
      convert the string back to the proper object type.

      Why was this change made?

      I located the problem and committed some notes in rev 1197028. I don't
      have time right now to fix it.

      The problem isn't caused by JavaScript, it's caused by the renderer. We
      still need to fix the JavaScript code though.


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