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Preliminary implementation of GST/VAT for review


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      I have attached a patch against ofbiz SVN rev 465130 - 18 Oct 06.

      The purpose is to show progress toward a GST/VAT implementations and importantly to get early feedback.

      The implementation is done in ecommerce and concentrates primarily on the cart, the adjustments and creating an order. (More to come.)

      The display of the cart and order contents are done to varying degrees. In addition a few of the promotions have been tested primarily GWP and order discount seem OK. I have not got to the Invoice yet.

      The approach taken is to base the implementation on the exTax price. I have tried and looked at both. There are pros and cons for working based on incTax or exTax pricing .... I believe that exTax is probably better. The display price is used but reference to promotions etc I have based on basePrice/unitPrice.

      PLEASE NOTE: the implementation is NOT ready for production and has a massive amount of notes and comments to myself. These will be fixed and cleaned up shortly. The reason for the release at this stage is that it was starting to generate a little bit of discussion off the list.

      The demo data can primarily be seen from the ecommerce/data ... the AU files. See the questions below.

      The key definitions are as follows:
      <TaxAuthorityRateType taxAuthorityRateTypeId="GST_TAX" description="Goods and Services Tax"/>
      <TaxAuthorityRateType taxAuthorityRateTypeId="VAT_TAX" description="Value Added Tax"/>

      <OrderAdjustmentType description="GST Tax" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="GST_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>
      <OrderAdjustmentType description="VAT Tax" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="VAT_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>
      <OrderAdjustmentType description="Gst Tax on Adjustment" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="OTHER_GST_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>
      <OrderAdjustmentType description="VAT Tax on Adjustment" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="OTHER_VAT_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>
      <OrderAdjustmentType description="Gst Tax on Shipping" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="SHIPPING_GST_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>
      <OrderAdjustmentType description="VAT Tax on Shipping" hasTable="N" orderAdjustmentTypeId="SHIPPING_VAT_TAX" parentTypeId=""/>

      <TaxAuthorityRateProduct taxAuthorityRateSeqId="9050" taxAuthGeoId="AUS" taxAuthPartyId="AUS_ATO" taxAuthorityRateTypeId="GST_TAX" productStoreId="9000AU"
      productCategoryId="" titleTransferEnumId="" minItemPrice="0.00" minPurchase="0.00" taxShipping="Y" taxPercentage="10"
      defaultOrderAdjTypeId="GST_TAX" shippingOrderAdjTypeId="SHIPPING_GST_TAX" otherOrderAdjTypeId="OTHER_GST_TAX"
      fromDate="2001-05-13 00:00:00.001" thruDate="" description="Australian GST Tax"/>

      The GST or VAT is recorded separately for each of the key types the item->VAT_TAX the SHIPPING_ADJUSTMENT->SHIPPING_VAT_TAX and the "Other" Adjustments->OTHER_VAT_TAX
      Other Adjustments attached to an item still require further testing.

          1. The patch defaults to mysql. You may need to change this/

      The easiest test is to add productId= GST10 to the cart and create an order (either ecommerce or ordermgr) ... the display starts OK then not fully implemented (this is not the problem I am chasing at the moment). As best I can tell the cart is being created correctly with the correct OrderAdjustments. OrderItemAdjustments are not all functioning correctly at the moment.

      Next order 11 x GST10 ... get a free gift ... seems to work

      Next order 1 x GST10PROMO (in PROMOTIONS category) ... price rules seem to work OK

      Problem ... SPECIAL_PROMOTION ... add code 9021 ... problem comes from the pricing basis in getSubTotalForPromotions(...) which uses getDisplayItemSubTotal


        • Can I use this patch to implement VAT/GST now?
          No. Not yet. This is a VERY early release to show the direction being taken.
        • Why are there so many changes? What is all this AU and GST stuff.
          To test the GST/VAT I have created a store(9000AU) which implements the Australian(AU) implementation of VAT called Goods & Services Tax(GST). In order to achieve this there is a lot of demo data that has been created which implements ProductPrices, Promotions, Payments, UiLabels etc.

      The WebSiteId in web.xml is not changed at the moment and the default store is overwritten as 9000AU.

      Other TaxAuthorities may also be created later.

        • Isn't GST just another VAT? Why not just implement VAT?
          Yes this is correct. This is probably the way things will go ... with customisations based on taxAuthGeoId. HOWEVER I do need things like "GST Tax" type descriptions on the orderItem display. So in the short term this GST implementation will remain. Call me selfish but I want it to work out of the box for me.

      Next Steps

      • Address any feedback
      • Get the cart to order process working particulary for the orderItem adjustments and promotions
      • The cart internally seems correct So ... get the display of the data showing what the user would expect.
      • Focus on getting VAT into the Invoice
      • Address any feedback

      Hope it helps. All feedback/criticism welcome.

      David G

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