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Adding a page size selector in the pagination bar


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      I find usefull to let the user change, on the ui, the actual number of elements contained in a page.
      This can be usefull, for example, when there are 21 elements selected in a query, the user want to print them, and the page size is 20. In this case the user must print two pages.
      Having this feature, the user can select 30 as page size, and have all elements in one page.

      In the attached patch there is a first try I am working on.

      This seens to work (does not support yet ajax and i18n) but I would like to have the size selector shown even if all elements fit in one page so that the user can select a page size with less elements.

      Actually the page size selector is rendered with the prevNext bar. A solution that I was thinking on is to render the prevNext even if it would not be necessary (one page list) with all buttons disabled.

      What do you think about?

      Thank you,

      1. OFBIZ-3083 viewSizeSelector.patch
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        Bruno Busco
      2. OFBIZ-3083 viewSizeSelector.patch
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        Bruno Busco
      3. OFBIZ-3083 viewSizeSelector.patch
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        Bruno Busco
      4. OFBIZ-3083 viewSizeSelector.patch
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        Bruno Busco


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