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Change all table layouts to CSS based in ecommerce, plus create flexible CSS structures (ZenGarden-esque)


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      The initial effort will focus on more CSS compliant browsers like Mozilla based (Firefox, Camino, Mozilla) and Safari. Once that is done an effort will be done to make adjustments or an alternative CSS file to get it working well in IE.


      Copy of http://jira.undersunconsulting.com/browse/OFBIZ-201 from David Jones.


      The main point of this effort is to modernize and make more flexible the layout and styling. This means changing all tables (except for those showing tabular data) to use div's or other natural HTML elements and CSS for formatting.

      This will also include efforts to move to more of a flexible tag structure to allow for changing the layout and L&F based on just the CSS file. For more information on the see the CSS Zen Garden site, and the corresponding book entitled "The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web" by Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag.

      Those getting involved in this effort should have a good knowledge of CSS. CSS is very flexible, but also complicated and somewhat quirky and difficult to use. Reading the above mentioned book and reviewing other information or books about CSS is HIGHLY recommended.

      At the completion of this effort we would also like to give the ecommerce templates a face-list to make OFBiz as an ecommerce solution more appealing to those who are reviewing it.



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