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Demo of warehouse functionality on handheld


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      Jira issue created in the old server by Daniel Goodwin:

      Small (incomplete) sample application used a proof of concept of facility (warehouse) functionality delivered in form factor suitable for handheld terminals. The tests were performed on an LXE MX6 wireless barcode scanner.


      • its not complete - in fact only Goods Receipt | Product Receipt actually works but then it is only a 'proof of concept' for my bosses!
      • screen layout is meant to aid use on handheld for minimum user input. There are, therefore more screens than necessary for normal consumption, but enables use of barcode scanner as much as possible.
      • on the product receipt screen itself, the use of javascript to enable use of <CR> to move to next field is a requirement as the scanner can then use auto-enter barcodes to move to next field without user intervention.
      • screen size is 'hardcoded' in header.ftl - would be better placed in CSS and use <div> layouts instead of tables.
      • tried to use the widgets as much as possible, though not always satisfactory outcome and had to revert to ftl in some cases.
        • - if running on version 7009 with default seed data, you may need to setup a PartyAcctgPreference for Company so that error message on receipt relating to currencyUomId does not appear.

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      Comment by Daniel Goodwin [21/Mar/06 03:22 AM]
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      Facility Handheld Demo (winrar format)
      Use https://X.X.X.X/hhfacility/

      Comment by Jacopo Cappellato [21/Mar/06 03:32 AM]
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      Thanks Daniel,

      I'll have a look at this.

      About the seed data requirement: since svn rev 7035, the seed data setup is no more needed to receive products without errors.

      Comment by Si Chen [14/Apr/06 08:40 AM]
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      David, Jacopo, et al -

      Should we put this into either a specialized/ component of its own or put it into applications/products/ ? That way others could try it as well?


      Comment by Jacques Le Roux [14/Apr/06 09:26 AM]
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      May this be used on another (cheaper) handheld (LXE MX6 costs US$3,300) ?


      Comment by David E. Jones [14/Apr/06 01:56 PM]
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      Si: There was some discussion about this around the time it was submitted. Daniel liked the idea but did not feel it was ready for this yet. As soon as he wants to do it, we can setup a specialized directory and give him commit privileges.

      Comment by Jacopo Cappellato [16/Apr/06 03:54 AM]
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      and I've reviewed (and modified something) the code and sent it back to Daniel with my comments.

      Comment by Daniel Goodwin [17/Apr/06 12:39 PM]
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      Jacopo et al
      Development on this is continuing (though slow) . Should have something with a bit more functionality with the next fortnight. On device - as long as it supports Pocket Explorer (though I have also used Minimo (Firefox)) it should be ok - so wireless iPAQ, etc would be fine. We use LXE as it is mainly a warehouse scenario where the devices get dropped a lot! or hit with forklifts as the ruggedness of the MX6 has been OK in such scenarios


      Comment by Jacques Le Roux [17/Apr/06 02:49 PM]
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      Thanks Daniel for the info


      Comment by Jacopo Cappellato [20/Jun/06 03:49 AM]
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      This is a reviewed version of Daniel's component; it contains some misc improvements I did to help Daniel to start his work in the right way; in fact I sent this file privately to him some time ago but now that it seems there is some interest from others (Ray Barlow) I think it's better to put it into this Jira issue.
      Here is the list of the comments I did (by the way Daniel's work was indeed very good):

      • indentation: always use 4-spaces instead of tabs
      • you can remove all the instances like this one:
        <#if (requestAttributes.facilityId)?exists>
        <#assign facilityId = requestAttributes.facilityId>
        from your ftl templates (they were only needed during the migration
        fromJPublish to Screen Widget)
      • the facilities.bsh is not necessary; see my code inside the action element of the "facilities" screen def
      • however, the "facilities" screen seems not used; can it be removed?
      • license: is it a problem for you to use the ASL2.0 license instead of MIT (see the file APACHE2_HEADER in the OFBiz's main folder)
      • productreceipt.ftl and qtyreceipt.ftl substituted by setFocusOnField.ftl
      • changed html tag <ul> to <ol>
      • added style definitions to a few form definitions
      • if possible, give more descriptive names to services because to make it easier to reuse them.
      • removed unused resources (entitydef.xml, entitygroup.xml etc...) and their references from the ofbiz-component.xml file
      • removed all the ftl templates that only contained the page name; the page name is now in the screen definitions
      • There are now three screen template definition:

      GlobalDecorator: this is the lower level, it defines the structure of a screen for an hh device
      CommonDecorator: at the moment it's the same of the GlobalDecorator, it represents the base layout of a page of the hh facility application
      FacilityDecorator: it is based on CommonDecorator and it is the base layout for all the hh facility screens that contain data about a specific facility (inside its action element the record for the facility is retrieved; in the widget element the name of the facility is shown)

      All the screens of your component can now extend the CommonDecorator or the FacilityDecorator

      For example, the hierarchy is:


      Hope this helps!



        1. hhfacility_v2.zip
          25 kB
          Ray Barlow
        2. hhfacility_v3.zip
          21 kB
          Ray Barlow
        3. hhfacility.zip
          26 kB
          Daniel Goodwin
        4. hhFacility.zip
          32 kB
          Ray Barlow
        5. hhfacility-reviewed.zip
          36 kB
          Jacopo Cappellato
        6. location_null.patch
          1 kB
          Ray Barlow
        7. product_extra_inv_service.patch
          3 kB
          Ray Barlow



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