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Linking End User Documentation to OFBiz


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      I have seen that several updates are in progress in this http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/OFBIZ/End+User+Documentation
      area of Confluence.
      Specially the Accounting application seems going to be described with a one-to-one help page to OFBiz screens.

      This is great and I think that having those pages linked to the relative OFBiz screens will be usefull and will also encourage more people to create (and fill) more documentation pages.

      What is attached to this issue is a simple patch that creates this link using the "titleProperty" field.
      It makes no use of the help request that is defined in the framework but uses an even simpler mechanism.

      I would like to discuss this pattern, it is a first trial and I am not sure it will be OK for every case.

      What I was also considering is to have the AccountingHelpUiLabels.xml file not committed but attached to the Confluence documentation main page.
      In this way who updates the documentation can update this "index" file also.

      Who is interested in using the onlline documentation will download this file and install infor OFBiz.

      Who is interested to have a local copy of the help can consider using the export space function present in Confluence.
      This creates a complete static HTML copy of the documentation. A specific version of the AccountingHelpUiLabels.xml can be used to access to this exported copy.

      What do you think?

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