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Screens to manage Leads in SFA webapp


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      Lead is both a Person and PartyGroup (related by a PartyRelationship) because much of the information in a lead translates directly into Account and Contact information and this way the Lead records can either be duplicated, or simply modified adding the Account and Contact roles. For the Person and Party-Group parties will be in the Lead role.

      The following are screens and details for them related to a lead. These may be best as separate screens or as desired certain ones can be combined.
      • Find Lead
      • Accessed from the application/header level "Leads" tab
      • Includes a search fields entry form and a search results display form
      • All search results will be filtered by leads the current user is associated with unless the user has permission to view all
      • Like the normal Party Search except with a filter on partyTypeId=PARTY_GROUP or PERSON and include a PartyRole record for the "LEAD" roleTypeId; may also constrain by existing PartyRelationship to join the Lead Group to the Lead Person.
      • Includes a link to the Create/Edit Lead page with no "partyId" to identify the account for the purpose of creating a new lead; note that for Edit Lead the partyId can correspond to either the Group or Person
      • Lead Home (Summary)
      • This page will include summary information for the account including basic lead fields plus other related information (to be defined....)
      • Create/Edit Lead
      • If a "partyId" parameter is passed in this page will act as an Edit Lead page (the partyId can for the Group or Person), if not it will act as a Create Lead page (both being very similar)
      • Contact Mechs (Contact Info)
      • Work Efforts (Activities/Events and Tasks)
      • Opportunities
      • Campaigns
      • Teams (Team)
      • Notes
      • Convert Lead to Account/Contact
      • Merge Leads
      • Clone Lead
      • Import Leads (formats?)
      • Automatic Lead Assignment Rules (constraints?)
      • Capture Leads from Web Site (ecommerce or other public facing)

      1. SfaMergeLeads.patch
        24 kB
        Jyotsna Rathore
      2. SfaLead.patch
        18 kB
        Parimal Gain
      3. SfaLead.patch
        46 kB
        Parimal Gain
      4. SfaCloneLead.patch
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        Jyotsna Rathore
      5. SfaCloneLead.patch
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        Jyotsna Rathore
      6. Sfa_Lead_26-04-08.patch
        44 kB
        Mridul Pathak
      7. Sfa_Lead_12-05-08.patch
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        Jyotsna Rathore
      8. importLead.patch
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        Jyotsna Rathore

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