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Intorduction of ScheduledTransportation and ScheduledTransportationOffering entities(related to OFBiz-1590)


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      Bug Crush Event - 21/2/2015


      As suggested by David here (in point 2) http://www.nabble.com/Re%3A-new-accomodation-map-entities-Jira-OFBIZ-1590-%28was-on-the-user-mailing-list%29-to15128518.html
      I created initial patch of the entities: ScheduledTransportation and ScheduledTransportationOffering. Both of them are modeled based on the book "The data model resource book 2"

      This entity keeps information for the travel provider who offers the scheduled transportation(via partyId and roleType fields), the arrival and departure dates and times, the specific vehicle (fixed asset) involved in the particular scheduled transportation.
      Fk-s and Pk-s and relationships:
      I have modeled the pk-s and fk-s based on the book. The difference is that there are 4 fields for arrival and departure in the book: departure/date and time and arrival/date and time which i have shrinked to 2 fields only(as I think they are enough)but If you disapprove then I can make them 4 again.

      This entity is related to ScheduledTransportation and encompasses the different offering available for a particular transportation. The offerings vary based on what is available to be offered from certain class of a vehicle on a scheduled transportation. One transportation might have a few offerings as the number of spaces offered on it might not be the same as the number of spaces within the vehicle`s accommodation map.
      Fk-s and Pk-s and relationships:
      Everything is based on the book.

      Example of these two entities usage: A scheduled transportation might be a flight#123, the product of which is the plane going from one point to another. This plane might have two classes coach and first, which have 200 and 50 places respectively(This info for the nr of spaces for each class is kept in AccommodationMap entity). However on the specific date of the flight the enterprice might have overbooked some seats and as a result the number of spaces of these two classes might have decreased or increased. Because of that the number of spaces for this scheduled transportation would differ from the number of spaces in the AccommodationMap. This new updated information is stored in ScheduledTransportationOffering entity.

      Note: I have NOT extended the Product entity in this patch as I am not sure which is the best way. To use the entities proposed in this issue, we need to extend the Product entity with two more fields: facilityFrom and facilityTo. These fields define the origin and destination of our travel product. If the community approves of these two fields which relate the product to Facility I could add them to the patch. Ofcourse other suggestions are welcome.




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