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GL Transactions should default isPosted to 'N'



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    • 22.01.01
    • 22.01.01
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      There appears to be a change in behaviour between 18.12 and 22.01 for the default value of isPosted when creating a GL Transaction.


      In 18.12 this field defaults to 'N'.

      In 22.01 this field defaults to blank.


      Code appears to expect this field to either contain 'Y' or 'N' and uses this to determine whether the transaction is editable or read-only, and whether buttons, such as the "Post Transaction" button defined in AccountingMenu.xml#EditGlAcctTransSubTabBar are displayed.


      As an example, if a transaction is created with a blank isPosted value, screen GlScreens.xml#EditAcctgTrans will consider the transaction as NOT POSTED (since acctgTrans.isPosted is not equal to 'Y') and will therefore display an edit form for the transaction.

      However, AccountingMenu.xml#EditGlAcctTransSubTabBar will consider the transaction as POSTED (since acctgTrans.isPosted is not equal to 'N') and will therefore prevent display of the Post Transaction button.

      In this case the user can edit the transaction, but cannot click the button to post the transaction.

      Further, in the EditTransaction screen, the select box for isPosted does not permit blank values so, by default, the first value - 'Y' - is displayed. Leading the user to erroneously believe the transaction is posted.


      To resolve this issue, release18.12 behaviour should be reinstated and GL Transactions should default to have isPosted set to 'N' and blank values should not be permitted.



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