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Redirect unauthenticated user to login on AJAX calls



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      Use case :

      • log in,
      • open a second browser tab (so both tabs are authenticated),
      • in first tab, open a page, where a link opens a modal, the modal content is fetched through AJAX when user clicks the link,
      • log out in second tab,
      • in first tab, click on the link, the AJAX request fires, but returns nothing with a status 200, which result in a white modal without any user feedback.

      Example :


      This patch does 3 things to improve this behavior :

      • return a HTTP status code 401 (Unauthorized) in LoginWorker::checkLogin if user is not authenticated (no more 200),
      • in common-theme, OfbizUtil.js, on AJAX calls handler, if the request fails with a 401 status code, reload current page (so we land on login form instead of being stuck in a blank modal) with a new search param `clickOn` containing the id of the link that triggered the AJAX call,
      • on page load, if `clickOn` search parameter exists, trigger a click event on the link, so the initial modal pops in after a successful login

      As a result, il the user tries to open a AJAX-based modal while unauthenticated, here is what happens :

      • modal opens,
      • user is immediatly redirected to the page he was, which will be filled with login form
      • after successful login, page is reloaded (no change here), and the modal is re-opened

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