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Order reservation not happens while Set explode item flag from catalog



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      Encounter this issue while working on OFBIZ-11928.

      Here is the research detail:

      One thing I notice is, I was using OFBiz E-Commerce Store(productStoreId 9000) and was setting explode items flag from catalog. But when I placed order, it didn't reserve the order items. I digged more into it and found that In seed data, allocate inventory flag for this store is null but when when we set explode items flag from catalog, from form default value of allocate inventory is Y then set also. And due to this from order creation process, order's are not getting reserve because of this code block:

      if ("SALES_ORDER".equals(orderTypeId) && orderItem != null && productStore != null && "Y".equals(productStore.getString( "allocateInventory"))) { //If the 'autoReserve' flag is not set for the order item, don't reserve the inventory String autoReserve = OrderReadHelper.getOrderItemAttribute(orderItem, "autoReserve"); if (autoReserve == null || !"true".equals(autoReserve)) { continue; } }

      As far as I know, this workflow never create OrderItemAttribute for autoReserve attribute.

      My assumption is this is only UI issue, UI should not set this flag to Y by default unless user set it intentionally.


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