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Add a GIS WfsEventHandler and a WfsViewHandler


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      I would like to tie the Geoserver and Mapbuilder packages with OFBiz. There are three standards for interacting with GIS servers - WMC (raster data, satellite images, etc), WMS (vector info like highways, boundaries, etc.) and WFS (feature metadata). Geoserver does an excellent job of the first two and an okay job of the WFS, but I believe that there will be many business applications that will benefit from having and easy GIS add-on. In many cases, you need OFBiz to manage the "feature" data as it is non-trivial. If OFBiz implemented a WFS interface, it could respond to Mapbuilder requests and points of interest could be easily plotted.

      If PostGIS (an extension to Postgres) were used, the same data tables could be used for all queries, but sometimes it is not convenient to use PostGIS (which like MySQL are the only open source dbs that support spatial extensions - but PostGIS is much further along than MySQL). I will probably only implement point meta data.

      Anyway, I have skeletons for both those classes that do useful work and I would like to add them to the base code. The only reason that I am in a hurry to do so is that I cannot see why I could not use the same package (org.ofbiz.webapp.event) in my custom webapp, but the system will not find or load the handler if it is in my hot-deploy webapp. It uses Freemarker templates to translate the incoming ogc:Filter request to simple method code (in WfsEventHandler) and another Freemarker template to format an entityList back into WFS format (that is done in WfsViewHandler).


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